Today, for this new top, video games are still in the spotlight. It may be in 2014 for a few days, but retro games which you can find here are on the rise. We have tried to list genres that we do not find too much in our time, and to discuss what was best in the myriad of good games released on various media over the ages!

The PS4, Xbox One and Wii U form the 8th generation of video consoles. By counting the PC, these machines will allow to offer ever more beautiful video games. We ask more and more realism, but remember: at the beginning of the video game, simple pixels could delight a child for hours. At the time, we just wanted to have fun with a title that proposed a simple gameplay and hound on it until more thirsty. We propose today to rediscover ten of them, classified by genres.

The Beat Them All 2D and Strider (1989)

You do not know Strider, or even the 2nd episode? Other greats of the genre must conjure up memories, such as Final Fight, Double Dragon, or Turtles Ninja IV: Turtles in Time.

strider Strider gives you control of Hiryu, a sort of modern day ninja, and you will have to conquer everything that stands in your way. The game offers a lot of things, the character can cling to the edges, climb walls, and even get help from NPCs (non player characters). The concept of the retro Beat Them All is well summarized thanks to Strider. The newest game closest to the genre As for the Beat Them All 2D at the moment, a game comes to mind quickly: Dragon’s Crown. dragon's crown This game is the archetype of all that has been best on this genre, updated, and in HD. Just that !

The Japanese RPG and Chrono Trigger (1995)

Chrono Trigger … A dream team for one game. The behemoths of the genre have come together to make this game a legend. The beginnings of what would become Squaresoft and Enix sets. The founder of Final Fantasy, the director of Dragon Quest, and the character design of Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball), only very good. Chrono Trigger1

Chrono Trigger2 The game, in addition to the arguments of the script, character design and realization, is endowed with an exemplary gameplay and novelty for the genre through its multiple purposes. A reference not to be missed. The newest game closest to the genre

The modern era is however very poor games of this type, many are becoming a simple action game (watch the trailer of FF 15 …). But a title pleasantly surprised us at the end of 2013: Bravely Default on 3DS.

The “Die’n’Retry” platform and Oddworld, Abe’s odyssey (1997)

The concept of the genre is not complicated in itself, you control a character who can perform simple actions like jumping or running. You walk in a level until you finish it and, paf, you die because it’s the first time you make this passage. You have to learn each sequence of the game by heart to hope to finish it because its difficulty and the Trafalgar blows set up by the developers will make you rage to despair. There are a lot of games like this in retrogaming but Oddworld is a bit of all that with new things.

If he does not mention much, it is the story of this little alien very nice, a little silly, who said “hi”, “follow me”, and who could take control of his enemies. In appearance very amusing, it is of an exemplary difficulty and one quickly realizes that one must be very good and to memorize whole phases of game to glimpse the end. The newest game closest to the genre

This kind of game still exists today, many independent games platform / reflection use this principle, as Super Meat Boy, but to represent the genre in 2014, we chose … the same game!

Oddworld New’n’Tasty, the remake of Abe’s Odyssey, coming soon for 2014, is a mouth watering one, and that’s saying something.

The Platform in 3D and Super Mario 64 (1996)

The first 3D Mario is the introduction of a legendary revival to platform games. “It’s a-me, Mario!” For the first time, Mario was speaking and we could discover a Princess Peach castle more real than life. Each level is actually a world in itself with objectives. Each goal rewarded you with a star, and at the end of your collection, you could finally free the princess from the clutches of King Koopa Bowser. A legend of the video game! The newest game closest to the genre

It is complicated to find a platform game of this style for this generation, many have adopted the format “Beat Them All / Platform” … So we thought Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolt. Serie debuted on N64, the third episode of the game was released on Xbox 360, studio Rare was bought by Microsoft. Despite the somewhat open-world dimension and vehicles, the game is still a good old 3D platform game, with the object harvest like the stars in Mario to advance. We appreciate the effort, and we would like to see more Rare games of this quality in the future. Is not it Microsoft?

The VS Fighting and Fatal Fury (1991)

The old-school consoles gave birth to this genre: the fighting game, in one against one, seen from the side. All with well-tuned game mechanics. Very good game such Street FighterIIcame out at this time, but a support, nicknamed the “Rolls Consoles” will have seen more fighting game than any other machine: it is the Neo-Geo. And Fatal Fury is one of his flagship series even before The King of Fighters. The game was the flagship series of SNK until King of Fighters, released in 94. Note that even so KoF straight out of the world of Garou (Fatal Fury in Japan), since it is question from this episode . The newest game closest to the genre

The genre has had its ups and downs, between the golden era on Neo-Geo and terminal, then more monotonous on PSX style console. It returns without problem in number one with the superb Dreamcast of Sega, and falls with the arrival of the “new” consoles like the xbox 360. But Capcom leaves in 2008 on terminal Street Fighter IV. It will then be adapted to console in 2009, and will win many other versions, until the most recent, still to come: Ultra Street Fighter IV. Being a big fan of the genre and rather hard on my level of play, I could have chosen in the list of good titles released recently, as King of Fighter XIII, or the last iteration of Blazblue. My choice turned to my preference, but no matter, VS Fighting is far from buried!